Sense of Place

Where I live has totally has defined my sense of place. Living in a northwest Iowa town where life is totally dependent on the season. In the summer the lake is the place to be. Fishing, swimming boating are all common activities. Having a summer job working for one of the summer business. Summer people come and stay at lake side cabins and resorts to take advantage of the lakes. My sense of place is I live in a area that has made me appreciate that fact that to keep my community running is to have other people come and spend their money. In teaching students to look at where they live and have a sense that where they live as defined who they are.  People develop a “sense of place” through experience and knowledge of a particular area. A sense of place emerges through knowledge of the history, geography and geology of an area, its flora and fauna, the legends of a place, and a growing sense of the land and its history after living there for a time. (Woods, 2000)

What does a sense of place mean. It is a combination of characteristics that makes a place special and unique. Sense of place involves the human experience in a landscape, the local knowledge and folklore. Sense of place also grows from identifying oneself in relation to a particular piece of land on the surface of planet Earth. (“The art of,” 2014) Students that live and work in a small rural community tend to have a one common attribute they enjoy working hard, not to say that they all do but for the most part they do. Kids that grow up on farms have that instilled in them by there parents. Even kids that tend to live in town will have some of those same ideas because they will go out and help there friend or even work for a farmer. While students living in an urban environment can have the sense to work hard they seem to be more interested in the active art and music, because those opportunities are available. Student should embrace the sense of place they have and take advantage of all that it offers. If your a hard working rural individual take advantage of all the skills you will learn. If you are an urban student it important to take advantage of all it has to offer.

Now with that said the kind region will also affect who you are. You can say that students living in New York and students living in Las Angles are not the same. The region you live will also effect who you are. Students in southern California live in the sun talk about going to the beach and eating Sushi all things stereotyped on TV. New York students maybe look to go to Coney Island. Student need to understand that where they live effects the person they become. Even where I live you can see the difference in a kid that lives in town and the kids that live on a farm. Life is defined by where you live not to say people do not change or have a sense the does not match everyone else. Where we live is a big part of the type of person we are. I don’t surf because there is not ocean waves to ride. I can stack hay bails but my cousin in Arizona as never seen a hay Bail. Our lives and sense on place is totally tied in to the people we are.   

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