Globalization has made our world a more accessible. For instance Amazon, we ordered a product listed on Amazon. Now if you were not aware Amazon cares thousands of items that you can order online, but if they do not have it you can buy off their website from another online store that list those items on Amazon. Well I bought a product from Amazon from one of their other stores well not knowing this store was in England and we did not even have a clue about it. You see our world is more accessible because we have an opportunity to interact with those other countries. I have experienced the globalization with the influx on different cultures moving in to the area I live. With Hispanics, and Asians opening businesses, they bring their culture and tradition. Globalization has made me appreciate where I live. With more and more people moving to urban areas and cities becoming ever crowded I am glad to be living in rural area.

Globalization has for a lot of way made the world a better place. People can not share ideas faster with each other. Supporters of globalization argue that it has the potential to make this world a better place to live in and solve some deep-seated problems like unemployment and poverty. (Collins, 2010) Collins in looking at globalization on an economic issue looking for more free marks to hopefully create more jobs. I see globalization as a way to bridge the gap between cultures. People can see how other live and learn about the lives they life and then can compare it to themselves.

A negative part of globalization is that we are losing the cultures that make us who we are. It give people more opportunity to do things that can hurt people more then help. Globalization can also other economic issue with more and more jobs moving overseas.. The bad side of globalization is all about the new risks and uncertainties brought about by the high degree of integration of domestic and local markets, intensification of competition, high degree of imitation, price and profit swings, and business and product destruction.(Mourdoukouts, 2011) I see Globalization also being interfering with the culture of some countries. It may hurt traditions of some cultures it may change the identity of that culture.

Globalization is going to continue, as technology gets better. The ability to quickly send information from one place to the next will make our world smaller. I it going to bring us closer but is it at the cost of the traditions we live by.


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