PE and Geography

My dream job is to be teaching Physical Education but ow can I include Geography in to Physical Education class well it actually very easy. I can locate sports or games that are played in other countries. We can use maps and compasses to go Orienteering. I can have students come up with their own game that reflect the area in which they live. How can we use our environment that we live in build a new fun activity. Geography can be a very fun part of a PE class that can give students opportunities to experience thing that they may not do everyday.

Games that can be discovered from all over the world can be a great way to add verity to PE class. From the Philippines Tinkling is a popular dance in the Philippines that is based on the movements of a tinkling bird. It is similar to double-dutch jump roping but with the use of bamboo poles (broomsticks make an acceptable substitute) instead of rope. It requires a minimum of three people to play–two to hold each end of the poles and one to jump in and out of the space between the poles. Rhythm is maintained by the kids holding the poles and slapping the poles together.(O’Farrell, 2012) I remember doing this activity in 6th Grade it was fun but very challenging. It teach rhythm and timing.

Another activity that you can play in PE is orienteering. According to Orienteering USA, Orienteering is a competitive international sport that combines racing with navigation. It is a timed race in which individual participants use a specially created, highly detailed map to select routes and navigate through diverse and often unfamiliar terrain and visit control points in sequence. Courses also can be enjoyed as a walk in the woods, with difficulty levels from beginner to expert offered at most events.(“What is orienteering ,” 2013) This is a great Life long activity to teach students. It teaches map reading skills, like direction, distance, and understanding elevation changes.

These are two examples of many games and activities that can be related to geography. Many different cultures have there own games that reflect that culture. Students can learn to appreciate those cultures through the games they play.


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Human Effect on Environment

The effects of that man has on a the environment has at time been thought as good but at the same time they have hurt. The building of Dams for instant has had a huge change on the land. The environmental consequences of large dams are numerous and varied, and includes direct impacts to the biological, chemical and physical properties of rivers and riparian (or “stream-side”) environments. (“Environmental impacts of,” 2002) Not only does is change the flow of a river is creates a reservoir that floods the land. Changing the way the river affects the land. Sediment that flows down the river settles in areas that it maybe not have settled. Man made dams changes fish migrations which can change the feeding pattern of other animals. Not only does it effect nature but also effects people down river. Dams reduce the amount water that people down stream receive. But at the same time if water is release to fast it may flood areas down stream. We have a big effect on the environment by the choice we make to find way to make our life better.

What other environmental effects have human caused. Well along with Dams the on that seem to be having a effect and goes hand and hand with dams is the need to clear land to build and farm on on. This has not bigger effect on the land and nature would the cutting down of the Amazon. Most of this lost land has been replaced with grass for cattle. In 2008, the Brazilian government announced that the rate that the Amazon was being destroyed had sped up during the time of the year that it normally slows down. In just five months in 2007, more than 3,200 square kilometres were deforested. The amazon continues to reduce in size from deforestation.  (“What is the,” 2012) This effect can and is being effected globally with the as the increases CO2 in the atmosphere. Also the loss of habitat for the animals in the amazon. These are two very man made problems. They are two very possible units to look at in geography. Students should learn what is happening and look at issue they will need to deal with in their lifetime.


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